About The School

Primary Curriculum


The MLPS Primary Wing recognizes the need for an individualised curriculum that prepares students for the ever-changing paradigms of the fast-paced present and the mystifying future. In keeping with this, our classrooms are equipped with the ingredients for success. Students are exposed to a wide spectrum of teaching aids to stimulate their impressionable, young minds and provide the necessary fodder for the multiple intelligences within each individual.

Teachers, who undergo frequent training for sensitisation towards the psychological, social as well as academic aspects of students, continue to be the best teaching aid. However, the U.S.P of the primary section in the MLPS are the 100% smart classes, the activity-based teaching for each subject, experiential learning, lab activities, small group activities and a wide variety of co-curricular activities allowing each child the freedom to find his/her areas of strengths and interests. Multiple opportunities are offered to each child for public speaking from the time they enter Grade 1 through Grade 5, eking our students into confident, self-assured individuals who are not just prepared to get moulded in the ways of the world; they mould the world to their ways. Our education is thus modernistic in its outlook, traditional in its values and sensitive to social issues in its approach.